Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Fear Of The Firearm

  Something I wrote back in 2011.

     For as long as I can remember, firearms have been linked to the following words: Dangerous, Scary, Death, Killing, these words along with other negative connotations have been attached to a firearm. I believe, the firearm is simply a misunderstood mechanical object. Although I do not disagree that a firearm is dangerous and yes, sadly it causes deaths. But take a step back and look at the world we live in. Has a vehicle not been linked to deaths? Yet majority of us continue to use them every single day. Has the knife not been linked to deaths as well? And yet, there they are, on our dining tables and in our kitchens. I’m not saying that every household should have a firearm, each person is entitled to make their own decisions and choices, each has their own set of reasons. All I am saying is that the firearm should not be judged simply based on the stigmas that society has placed upon it. As a matter of fact, you can’t even judge a firearm, because it is non-living thing, a mere object or tool. So where then, does the danger come in? When it is manipulated by man. If you come to the conclusion that guns should be banned or outlawed, would you ban or outlaw a knife because you got cut while slicing something? Leave both the firearm and the knife in a vault for 100 years and I can guarantee that they will do no harm, they will simply sit there, oxidizing. Or would you have all cars banned because people have died in accidents related to them? Sometimes, I cannot help but shake my head when I see signs that say “Guns Kill People”, I am not intending any disrespect towards those that have been affected by gun related incidents or deaths, I am simply trying to state a fact that the person wielding the firearm is more dangerous than the firearm itself. Because the firearm will not decide to just pick itself up and pull its own trigger. It is when it comes into the wrong hands, that’s when it becomes dangerous. I don’t discount the fact that even in the “right” hands, a firearm can still be dangerous, but the level of danger is greatly reduced due to the knowledge of the person holding it, his mindset and the choices he decides to make. Now most people might say, “What about those incidents wherein children were involved because they found the gun of their dad or mom.” Well, neither the child nor the firearm is at fault here, I think the answer is obvious regarding who is at fault. Now before you get defensive or have any violent reactions to what I’ve said, ask yourself this, would you put a 6 year old behind the steering wheel and expect good things to happen?

     The point I am trying to make is that, a non living thing, on its own, is not inherently dangerous, sure they are used for activities that are considered dangerous, but standing alone, they are generally harmless. A knife won’t stab or cut someone on its own, a car won’t run over someone on its own and a gun won’t fire at someone on its own. How did people learn to “tame” these objects? Through the desire to be educated, practice and discipline. It’s almost the same process as learning how to ride a bike or learning how to drive a car.

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