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Woodlawn (2015) Film Review

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When you combine American Football, a true story and religion, you seem to always get a spectacular film. The film revolves around the story of Tony Nathan, a magnificent high school American Football Player who, along with other African-American students who are attending Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama as part of a desegregation during 1973 where racism was still very rampant. Given that this film involves a lot of sports scenes, I expected a lot of fast paced action sequences and these scenes were captured perfectly in my opinion, along with the other scenes that make up the entire film, including the blending of what looked to be actual footage from the real story. It was able to convey the drama, inspiration and emotion that the story holds and it reached me. Some scenes even left me teary eyed. The film stars a few familiar faces such as Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee from The Lord Of The Rings.), Jon Voight (Anaconda, National Treasure, Mission Impossible to name a few, he's also Angelina Jolie's dad.) and Sherri Shepherd (Think Like A Man).

I personally enjoy sports related dramas, things along the lines of Coach Carter, Remember The Titans and Invictus to name a few. I'd say that Woodlawn is one of those movies that will leave you with a good feeling after you've watched it, especially since it's a true story. I'd even consider it a spiritual kind of film, even if you're not the most religious of people. It's a story about persevering against all odds and using the talents you've been given to the best of your ability, using them to make a difference and a positive impact not just on yourself but on everyone you come into contact with. It shows what we as people can achieve if we really choose to work together regardless of differences. It reminds us of the value of teamwork and standing up for what you believe in no matter what. It helped remind me of what can be accomplished if we push forward in spite of obstacles and temporary setbacks.

Whether you're into sports or not, religious or not, athlete or not, I'd really recommend that you watch this film. It's definitely worth your time. :)

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