Monday, December 9, 2013

Automobile Passion - Porsche Obsession

It all began at the tender age of 5 or 6, it was my birthday party and the clown asked me my birthday wish and I confidently exclaimed “Ferrari Testarossa!” and he looked at me with some sort of panicked look, I guess he was afraid to disappoint me so he passed the pressure to my dad by saying “Um, I think you should go ask your dad for that.” I knew I wasn't going to get one from the clown or my dad but it was really just the first thing that came to my mind. I suppose this marks the beginning of my passion for cars. From Matchbox cars to Maisto cars to Hot Wheels cars to any other toy cars I could get my hands on, this would be what I would spend countless hours playing with, from makeshift races, to car chase scenes (complete with crashes!) to just letting them roll across the room and watching them go, there was always something about cars that captivated me, be it how they looked, the way their engines sound when they start, idle, rev and are put under load, the colors they used, the feel of riding in one, the feeling of speed, watching them zoom by while staring out the window, cars always seem to put a smile on my face. Growing up, before going to school (I was about 9 or 10 years old.) or during weekend mornings, I would always find the time to sit in our car (It was a 94’ or ’95 Toyota Corolla GLI I think.) and practice shifting (handbrake engaged), pretending I was racing, familiarizing myself with the pedals. Then my dad decided to give me my first driving lesson when I was 15 in our 1996 Honda Civic VTI. It was a good experience, a mix of excitement and fear then when I got the hang of it, it was pure joy. I had to wait a year to get my Student’s Permit though, the legal age to get one here is 16. I would take every opportunity I could to get behind the wheel and drive, whether it was driving my mom to the grocery or driving for the family on Sundays to visit my grandparents or long drives out of town with the family, it didn't really matter, I just wanted to grab the chances to drive, even though the traffic gets insane at times and despite the few minor accidents I’ve been in, being able to drive it still something I really enjoy. When I turned 18 and got my regular driver’s license, that’s when the real enjoyment came because I no longer needed a licensed driver to accompany me when I drove. There is something peaceful and liberating about driving alone, despite the traffic, despite the crazy public vehicles or the occasional douchebag, being able to enjoy the open road, be it a short spirited drive or a lucky traffic free day, whether it’s cruising or speed hunting, it’s something I look forward to. I’m blessed and thankful to be able to enjoy this privilege and responsibility. I came across this phrase that Ben Chandler said while I was reading an entry from the Speedhunters website and I really like the way it relates cars and freedom which is how I feel about them as well, "Cars to me rhyme with freedom. The ability to go wherever you want – on your own or with a crew of friends – pretty much whenever you like, is awesome."

Going back to my childhood, there was one particular toy that I would always find myself playing with, it was a gray 1987 (Coincidentally my birth year.) Porsche 959, sadly, I can no longer find the toy, something about it always kept me occupied, we didn't have any Internet back then so I couldn't do any Google Searches to find out more about the car (not that Google even existed when I was 5 or 6 years old anyway.), all I knew was that growing up, the Porsche brand would be forever imprinted in my head. Fast forward to my firsthand experience with a 911, I was 9 years old, my family and I were fortunate enough to take a trip to Florida to visit a good friend of my mom whose husband happened to own a Porsche 911, I can’t exactly get the most accurate details but based on the information I was able to gather, I got the opportunity to take a ride in either a gun metal gray 1985 911 Carrera Convertible or a white 911 (993) Carrera Convertible (can’t pinpoint the exact year based on information gathered and racking my brain.). But what I can distinctly remember though is the experience. It was like being in a dream. Hearing that engine roar to life and then watching the top drop. For a 9 year old, that was pretty awesome stuff. Even though the drive was very short (just out of the driveway, a quick U-turn and then back into the driveway.) it was enough for me. It was happiness. Getting out of the car and just observing the lines, the details, the unique shape, just taking it all in. It was quite overwhelming to my 9 year old self. But I do believe it was that moment that solidified my passion for the Porsche 911. To this very day, despite the multitude of awesome cars out there (I appreciate a very vast majority of them regardless of make, model or age.) it is still the Porsche 911 that captivates me and holds my attention. It isn’t just one thing about the 911 that I like; it’s the 911 as a whole and across all model ranges. From the 901 up to the 991, but don’t get me wrong though, I appreciate all that Porsche has created, even the Cayenne and the Macan which at first I didn't really like from a design standpoint, but they kind of grow on you. But the 911 is truly my absolute favorite. I am quite partial to the 993 and the 964, although the 997 and the 991 are beauties in their own rights, the 993 and 964 to me seem to encapsulate the essence and retains the history of the Porsche 911 from a design perspective and especially because these were the last batch of the air-cooled Porsches before the radical external design changes (I don’t count the slant nose/flat nose/flachbau 930 an extreme change because it was brought about by competition to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.) and engine changes (water-cooling) changes that the 996 brought about (I love the 996 GT2 and 996 GT3 though), after that the 911 was never the same. Although the 997 and 991 brought back some of the design changes of the models prior to the 996, they retained the water-cooling aspect that the 996 brought in 1998 to keep up with the times and the competition in terms of performance I suppose. Although, at this point in my life (I’m 25.) I don’t own a 911 yet (nor have I experienced driving one.) I am working towards buying a 2nd hand one. A brand new 911 is crazily out of my reach at the moment and I really am partial towards the 993 and the 964 so that’s what I’m working hard towards, either 993 or the 964 (Or both!). It’s a big dream, but I know I’m going hustle hard and I am going to reach it one way or another.

I’ve got a great passion for cars and an even greater obsession with the Porsche 911 so much so that before I even thought about doing corporate work, I sent my resume to PGA Cars Inc. (The Local distributors of Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini here in the Philippines). To get paid to be around Porsche's all day seemed to be an awesome dream job at the time but sadly, I didn't receive a response regarding my application. I'm also currently finding a way to make time to take a 4-day Basic Car Maintenance technical short course or to learn how to tune cars (I know that it's very different when you read about cars and actually do some hands on work on them.), I just want to be able to tinker with cars, to learn more about them, to do some hands on work on them, just to simply be around them brings me joy. I am far from being an expert nor do I know everything about cars but I am open to gaining as much knowledge and experiences as I can. Others may not understand this fire that burns within and that is alright, I just wanted to share with the world what I consider to be a huge part of who I am through this seemingly thought scattered set of words that I've strung together.


  1. passion is priceless man. right now i'm working on networks, running a business and doing coaching, yet i feel like i have more time than i ever had. if you're passionate about something it's easy, time flows fast and time seems easy to manage. i hope you find your bliss soon. best regards, eds