Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Geek Out

Today, I awoke from a dream that brought me back to my childhood, it was a dream of me sitting in front of an old television set, watching reruns of the Batman and Spider-Man cartoons. As well as browsing through the comic cutouts from the Sunday newspaper that might grandfather used to keep for me. This sparked a thought in me, why not get grab some comic books of the superheros I grew up to? Today, I grabbed a few copies from a nearby comic book store near my house called Comic Odyssey. Lucky for me, their back issues were on sale! 50 bucks (PhP) for any one of the back issue items they had! I went over to the store with 1 thought in mind, look for the 1st Issue items (probably not the correct approach taken by the hardcore comic fanatics, I could be wrong though, please suggest as I am open to proper guidance! :])

(Comic Books, Photo taken by Thomas Joseph C. Huang)

Here's what I got:

1. Ultimate Spider-Man: Warriors: Part 1
2. Ultimate Spider-Man: Issue # 1 (Published August 2009)
3. Web Of Spider-Man Issue # 1
4. Ultimate Spider-Man: Hollywood: Part 1
5. Batman: The Legend Of The Dark Knight: Bad: Part 1

This looks to be the beginning of the revival of a childhood hobby. I'm probably not as hardcore as the comic collecting hobbyist/enthusiasts out there, but I thoroughly enjoy comic books and my childhood superheroes. I guess you can say that my childhood never really left me (most of us will and can admit that theirs have never left either.) and that up to this day, I still am the geeky kid I was about 15 years ago and I'm proud of it! :]

(Spider-Man, photo courtesy of Google)
(Batman, photo courtesy of Google)

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